Going to Iloilo by Sea

SHIPPING VESSELS  SUPERFERRY website: http://travel.2go.com.ph/index.asp SUPERFERRY Day Estimated Time of Departure Day Estimated Time of Arrival MANILA TO ILOILO TUE 08:45 AM WED 03:30 AM ILOILO TO MANILA SAT 02:15 PM SUN 09:00AM DAVAO TO ILOILO THU 11:15 PM SAT 11:30AM ILOILO TO DAVAO WED 06:15 AM THU 06:00 PM GENERAL SANTOS TO ILOILO FRI 11:15 AM […]

Going to Iloilo by Land

Iloilo City as an economic growth center continually develops its transportation and communication infrastructures as vital foundation for sustaining growth and development. Currently, mass public transport system includes more than 8,000 public utility jeepneys(PUJ) which serve the entire six districts of the city including the main business district area. The PUJs ply the city starting […]

Going to Iloilo by Air

Iloilo International Airport currently services an average of 42 flights daily on four domestic routes.At the time of its opening, the ATO believed that international flights out of and to the airport might not begin until 2008, although international passenger flights could commence once Iloilo International Airport meets ICAO standards. A study was conducted on […]