Tigbauan’s Sol Y Mar Family Beach Resort

Founded in 1992, Sol Y Mar Family Beach Resort is 5,500-square meter beach resort located in Zayco Farm in Barangay Namocon Tigbaun, Iloilo. It’s approximately 200 meters away from the national highway. Although Sol Y Mar is known to be a family beach resort, it has also been known as one of the favorite places […]

Urban Sands: An Oasis in the Urban Jungle

  Looking for a place for leisure and relaxation without having to leave the metro? We have just the place for you: Urban Sands. If you want to take a snapshot of a picturesque scene, be one with a stunning ambience and experience the feel of real sand under your feet, Urban Sands should be […]

Tatoy’s Resort

If you’re an Ilonggo and you hear the word “Tatoy,” the first thing that comes to mind is “Native Lechon Manok.” From one humble hut, Tatoy’s has now developed into well-respected and most visited eating place with more spacious venues to accommodate different personalities and various types of events. They have bigger huts facing the […]

Bearland Paradise Resort

With the developments in both the city and province of Iloilo, one cannot deny that one of the major contributors to these developments is tourism. Iloilo has become the stomping ground for both local and foreign resort-goers. There is a wide range of accommodations to cater to the needs of the traveller in you. From […]

The Gigantes Experience

Thinking of what to do for your vacation? Let me introduce to you Isla de Gigantes in Carles Iloilo.  I have been there last weekend and I should say if you are looking for a variety of adventures, Gigantes is what you are looking for. Isla de Gigantes is one of the most popular tourist […]

Punta Villa Hotel and Resort

BOOK IT NOW! Being one of the tourism centers in the Philippines, it’s never difficult to find a good place to stay in Iloilo. For the past few years now, Iloilo City has become a major travel destination in the country. As a result, the city’s Hotel and Real Estate industry has improved a great […]

Anhawan Beach Resort and Spa

Because of its location, Anhawan Beach Resort and Spa is one of the most visited resorts in the province of Iloilo. It is just a 30- minute drive or even less from the city – making it the top choice of families and group of friends or even by people who wants to have some […]

Garin Farm: A Perfect Escape to Nature

Tired of looking at tall buildings and starless skies? Need a place to revisit and fully embrace Mother Nature? Then I just know the place for you. One warm Sunday, I took a two-hour ride from the city of Iloilo to San Joaquin, which is the last town in the south of the province. For […]

Sheridan Boutique Resort Iloilo

BOOK IT NOW! This Balinese-inspired boutique resort with a rich Asian tropical ambiance is just a 45-minute drive from the Iloilo International Airport. Sheridan Boutique Resort in Iloilo is a deluxe breathing space with an outdoor infinity pool, a restaurant, water sport facilities, air-conditioned rooms with complimentary Wi-Fi access. Sheridan Resort is located in Brgy […]