Who’s up for Brunch at Dova?

There’s a new place in town people! A new bistro that serves BRUNCH all day long. So far this has been the only brunch bistro that I have seen in Iloilo City. It’s DOVA Brunch Café. If you want to have a taste of some heavenly brunch meals while enjoying your own private time, come […]

Griller’s Oyster House

If you ever happen to pass by Smallville Complex, the nightlife center of Iloilo, and you’re craving for some authentic Pinoy dishes, be sure to try Griller’s Oyster House. It’s one of the must-go-to places in the complex. Located at the Vertex in Smallville, Grillers Oyster House is considered to be synonymous with Baked Talaba […]

A Little Piece of Heaven at Heavenly Café and Pastries

Who can say no to a cheesecake? No one! How about if it’s a cheesecake made with love and with a ton of different flavors? I have just the thing for you. If ever you come to pass by the new GT Mall in the Molo District, be sure to check out the new cheesecake […]

Panaderia de Molo: A Century of Baking

Considered to be the prime makers of Ilonggo pastry treats, Panaderia de Molo is famous both in Iloilo, Bacolod and everyone who has been to the Western Visayas region. HISTORY Panaderia de Molo is more than just a bakeshop. It’s a very historical one. It has been witnessed to very important events in Molo district […]

Ponsyon by Breakthrough

In Iloilo, everyone knows Breakthrough Seafood Restaurant. It’s one of the top seafood restaurants in the city, if not the top. However, Breakthrough is located in Villa Beach which is around 30 minutes away from the metro. So for those who are craving for the best seafood dishes, getting there can be quite tricky. Good […]

La Paz District Plaza: Park and Recreation

One of the most popular and frequented spots in the city is the La Paz District Plaza. It’s also one of the most sought after places for people who seek to relax, keep fit and tour. Located at the corner of Burgos and Huervana Streets, the La Paz District Plaza has a land area of […]

Stay in Sta. Barbara, Stay in Fleur de Liz Inn

Located in the busy intersection of Bangga Dama, Fleur de Liz Inn is Sta. Barbara’s go-to-hotel for people staying in the historic town of Santa Barbara. Only ten minutes away from the Iloilo International Airport the hotel is very accessible to the public. Fleur de Liz Inn offers almost 30 rooms ranging from single or […]


A second class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Santa Barbara is home to about 55 thousand residents. It is about 16 kilometers away from the city of Iloilo. Gen. Martin Delgado Monument   Facing the Municipal Hall of Santa Barbara is the monument of General Martin T. Delgado, considered to be the greatest revolutionary […]

Dulgies: Iloilo’s Favorite Dessert House

For those of you who are dessert lovers out there, are you visiting Iloilo anytime soon? I have the perfect place for you.  The must-go-to place for you is Dulgies Dessert Café, Iloilo’s favorite dessert house! Located in La Salette Building, Valeria Street, Dulgies Dessert and Café is the home Iloilo’s best homemade cakes and desserts. […]

Pid-Als: Molo’s Old-timer Coffee House

If La Paz has the popular coffee destination Madge, the district of Molo has Pid-Als. It is considered to be already an institution in Molo. Located in the plaza (district center), it has been in operation sin 1957. Everyone who has been to the district of Molo find it hard to miss this place. If […]

Freska’s Hometown Buffet

Iloilo City, being a foodies’ destination certainly has a lot to offer when it comes the best restos in the metro. From budget friendly “Carinderias” to fancy restaurants, Iloilo has them all. Whether you’re on a tight budget or a splurge-on-food type of person, there are truly a variety of food destinations to choose from. […]

Bluejay Coffee and Deli

Being one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines, Iloilo certainly has a lot to offer. Over the years, Iloilo has become one of the favorite destinations of foodies here and abroad. To name a few, La Paz batchoy and Pancit Molo are two of Iloilo’s most popular contributions to Philippine cuisine. But Iloilo […]

Tigbauan’s Sol Y Mar Family Beach Resort

Founded in 1992, Sol Y Mar Family Beach Resort is 5,500-square meter beach resort located in Zayco Farm in Barangay Namocon Tigbaun, Iloilo. It’s approximately 200 meters away from the national highway. Although Sol Y Mar is known to be a family beach resort, it has also been known as one of the favorite places […]

Urban Sands: An Oasis in the Urban Jungle

  Looking for a place for leisure and relaxation without having to leave the metro? We have just the place for you: Urban Sands. If you want to take a snapshot of a picturesque scene, be one with a stunning ambience and experience the feel of real sand under your feet, Urban Sands should be […]

Tatoy’s Resort

If you’re an Ilonggo and you hear the word “Tatoy,” the first thing that comes to mind is “Native Lechon Manok.” From one humble hut, Tatoy’s has now developed into well-respected and most visited eating place with more spacious venues to accommodate different personalities and various types of events. They have bigger huts facing the […]

Bearland Paradise Resort

With the developments in both the city and province of Iloilo, one cannot deny that one of the major contributors to these developments is tourism. Iloilo has become the stomping ground for both local and foreign resort-goers. There is a wide range of accommodations to cater to the needs of the traveller in you. From […]


One thing about being an Ilonggo is our love for food. That explains the increasing number of restaurants in the city. With the current developments in the city, many restaurants serving a variety of cuisines have been sprouting everywhere in the city of love. Despite new competition, one restaurant always comes to mind when it […]

Visit Janiuay

ABOUT JANIUAY With a population of more than 50,000, Janiuay is considered to be a second class municipality in the province of Iloilo about 33 kilometers away from Iloilo City. It was established in 1769. Janiuay prides itself of two heritage infrastructures dating back from 1760. The Janiuay Catholic Church was built of sandstone, lime […]

Damires Hills Tierra Verde

I may not be the adventurous nor sporty type, but I surely am a nature lover. And by nature lover, I mean I like to see places with lush greens, breath-taking scenery and thriving vegetation. I often visit the beautiful beaches found in Iloilo. I find it refreshing to be one with nature and forget […]

Punta Villa Hotel and Resort

BOOK IT NOW! Being one of the tourism centers in the Philippines, it’s never difficult to find a good place to stay in Iloilo. For the past few years now, Iloilo City has become a major travel destination in the country. As a result, the city’s Hotel and Real Estate industry has improved a great […]

Estancia: “Alaska of the Philippines”

Found in the northern area of Panay Island in Western Visayas, the second class municipality of Estancia is considered to be a the center of fish trade, religion and travel spot in that area. Estancia is not really that known for neither agricultural products nor livestock. Rather, it is known for its overwhelming marine resources. […]

Visit Pavia

3,804 hectares of prime farmland, Pavia is a small town located 15 minutes away for the Iloilo City Proper. Historically, founded in 1862, it became a part of Santa Barbara in 1901 and then a part of Iloilo City in 1904 and finally became a suburb of the district of Jaro. By 1921, Pavia became […]

Kong Kee Chinese Restaurant

Located on 23 JM Basa St., Kong Kee Chinese Restaurant has been one of the favorite restaurants of Ilonggos here and abroad. It’s been open for like forever and has been serving the people of Iloilo and “Balikbayans” alike ever since.  Kong Kee is your traditional Chinese establishment found in the downtown Iloilo. Kong Kee […]

Glor’s Hamburger & Broadway Café

If you’re an Ilonggo born in the 70s or 80s, you probably not have only heard of Glor’s, but have tasted its mouth-watering burgers. It is impossible for an Ilongo or anyone who has been to Iloilo to not know the existence of this nice little joint located just near the corner of Valeria and […]

Fort San Pedro: Restored, Revisited.

Located along San Pedro Drive in the domestic port area of Iloilo City, Fort Nuestra Senora del Rosario or popularly known as Fort San Pedro is considered to be Iloilo’s “first frontier”. First frontier I say because the fort was specifically built as protection of the city from invaders like the Moro pirates which were […]

Sheridan Boutique Resort Iloilo

BOOK IT NOW! This Balinese-inspired boutique resort with a rich Asian tropical ambiance is just a 45-minute drive from the Iloilo International Airport. Sheridan Boutique Resort in Iloilo is a deluxe breathing space with an outdoor infinity pool, a restaurant, water sport facilities, air-conditioned rooms with complimentary Wi-Fi access. Sheridan Resort is located in Brgy […]

JARO CATHEDRAL: National Shrine of Our Lady of the Candles

JARO CATHEDRAL Built in 1864, the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Candles is more informally known as the Jaro Cathedral. In that same year, the district of Jaro was named by Pope Pius IX as a diocese by His Grace Mariano Cuartero who was the first bishop of the district. After the church […]

Boardwalk: Dining by the River

Are you looking for a place which can be categorized somewhere in between a classy bistro, where you cannot understand half of the over priced menu, and a laid back restaurant with very tasty meals at cheap prices but not that particular with sanitation? A place which you can say – “hmmm… just right.” A […]

Carless Weekend in Calle Real

Calle Real or “Royal Street” is not only a museum of old Spanish edifices but it is also probably the busiest place in Iloilo City. It’s not surprising since it is the center of commerce in the city. With all the hustle and bustle in the area, it’s hard to imagine the place without cars […]

Panaderia de Iloilo

The dictionary defines the Filipino word “pasalubong” as homecoming treat. In Iloilo, when we say “pasalubong”, what comes to mind are the delicious traditional Ilonggo bread products that Ilonggos are known for. And your trip in Iloilo wouldn’t be complete without dropping by Panaderia de Iloilo. Located on Osmena Street, Arevalo, Panaderia de Iloilo is […]

Plaza Libertad

Formerly known as Plaza Alfonso XII, the Plaza Libertad is one the six plazas scattered among the districts of Iloilo City. Most, if not all of the plazas found in the city are of Spanish influence. The plazas are beautifully landscaped and are surrounded by essential establishment such as a town center, a police station, […]

Plazuela de Iloilo

For those of you who are looking for an alternative to Smallville Complex without the loud music from different bars and clubs, Plazuela de Iloilo is the place to go. Since its opening in November 2010, Plazuela de Iloilo has been one of the favorite destinations of Ilonggos for dining and recreation. The unique two-storey […]

Iloilo River Esplanade

Formerly known as Trenas Boulevard, the Iloilo River Esplanade has become one of the many places that the people of Iloilo City are proud of. It has become one of the city’s newest recreation destinations. Located along the Iloilo River, it certainly is a great place for a stroll, jogging, biking, or just hanging out […]

Iloilo City Nightlife

If you thought that Smallville only existed in the Superman universe, think again. Iloilo has its very own Smallville! It is the center of night life in the city, filled with upscale restaurants, bars, hotels and cafes. Originally, “Smallville” referred to the row of bars and restaurants beside the Iloilo Business Hotel but because new […]

Valentine’s Dining in The City of Love

City of love? You read that right! Iloilo is considered to be the Philippines’ very own city of love. Ilonggos are known for being “malambing”—that is, Ilonggos are generally gentle. They speak softly and a smile always goes with how they say things. There is always a certain amount of gentleness with the way the […]

Jaro’s Feast of the Candelaria

The first quarter of the year is probably the grandest and busiest time for the Ilonggos. After the Dinagyang Festival and the Chinese New Year celebration downtown, it’s now time to celebrate the Festival in Jaro. February is welcomed with fun and devotion as both fun-loving and devoted Ilonggos commemorate the annual Catholic Feast of […]

Iloilo City Celebrates 12th Chinese New Year

We may have already welcomed the New Year in our own ways but not the Chinese community. According to the lunar calendar, this year, the Lunar New Year falls on the 31st of January, signalling the year of the Wooden Horse. Chinese New Year is celebrated in countries with significant Chinese populations including the Philippines. […]

Calle Real: Restored, Revisited…

Located on JM Basa Street and spanning from Plaza Alfonso XII (now called Plaza Libertad) up to Plazoleta Gay, “Calle Real” or Royal Street is the location of prime commercial establishments and is considered as Iloilo City’s historic center. Decades old buildings lining up Calle Real still stand against the test of time and reflect […]