Considered to be the prime makers of Ilonggo pastry treats, Panaderia de Molo is famous both in Iloilo, Bacolod and everyone who has been to the Western Visayas region.


Panaderia de Molo is more than just a bakeshop. It’s a very historical one. It has been witnessed to very important events in Molo district making it already an institution in the bakeshop industry. It traces its roots to the Spanish colonial times.

According to historical records, the construction of Molo Church is closely related to how Panaderia de Molo came to be. Crates and crates of eggs were used as binder for the building blocks of the church. That time they only used the egg whites. Panaderia de Molo came to be through the efforts of the nuns in Molo. Using the surplus yolks from the construction of the church, the nuns found a way to make use of those excess yolks. On the second decade of the 20th century, Panaderia de Molo was eventually set up.




Panaderia de Molo’s bestsellers are Banadas, Barquillos, Kinihad, Galletas, and Kinamonsil. Banadas are round cookies glazed with sugar icing. The famous Barquillos are long tubes of rolled wafer-thin bisuits. Kinihad are thin slices of toasted bread, perfect to dip in hot coffee or hot chocolate. Galletas are crispy and crunchy pastry with a chalky taste. Other offerings from Panaderia de Molo are hojaldres, otap, and biscocho.