If you’re an Ilonggo born in the 70s or 80s, you probably not have only heard of Glor’s, but have tasted its mouth-watering burgers. It is impossible for an Ilongo or anyone who has been to Iloilo to not know the existence of this nice little joint located just near the corner of Valeria and Ledesma Streets. If you’re craving for some nice burger at an affordable price, Glor’s Hamburger & Broadway Café is the place for you.



Glor’s Double Deluxe Burger

Glor’s Hamburger & Broadway Café started its operation in 1974. Since then, this nice little joint has been a part of an Ilonggo’s childhood memory. Back in the days when the movie theaters in the downtown area of the city were still operational, parents would often bring their kids to Glor’s to have a meal after a movie. The place seems to be a perfect blend of the silver screen and food.  On the café walls, are framed posters of Broadway shows and movie posters, even autographed pictures of some famous local and international stars such as Lea Salonga and Vanessa Williams. Owned by Jean Tabanao Andrews who is based in New York , the place gives you a feel of being in community of artists and Broadway stars. Glor’s gives off a chic and stylish urban feel to all its patrons.



Broadway Shows’ posters and playbills

House Specialty

For a whopping 100 pesos only, one can have Glor’s Hamburger Super Deluxe. Packed with all ingredients that make a good burger taste its best, Glor’s certainly gives Mcdonald’s and Burger King a run for their money!