If La Paz has the popular coffee destination Madge, the district of Molo has Pid-Als. It is considered to be already an institution in Molo. Located in the plaza (district center), it has been in operation sin 1957. Everyone who has been to the district of Molo find it hard to miss this place. If you’re in Molo Plaza, just go to the Baluarte jeepney Stop around the plaza and you can find Pid-Als.



When you order a drink in Pid-als, it’s either “puro” for black coffee or “may gatas” obviously, with milk. Coffee served in Pid-als come in 3 different sizes: Media, Intiro and Grande. I suspect grande is just a recent addition to the list. Perhaps they got their inspiration from Starbucks? Intiro is about a cup of coffee. It costs 20 pesos and Media would have to be half that amount. If you want something to go with your coffee, a sponge cake (pinoy style).



Over the years, the place had undergone some renovations. One thing that makes this place different from Madge is that the place has a wide-screen TV. Here, patrons normally watch basketball games both PBA and NBA.  Sometimes they also show boxing matches which Filipinos are mostly into. It’s not your typical coffee shop where you can have private discussions with friends, planning for business deals or a place where you can read a book. Perhaps this is what makes Pid-Als different from other coffee shops in the metro.