Located along San Pedro Drive in the domestic port area of Iloilo City, Fort Nuestra Senora del Rosario or popularly known as Fort San Pedro is considered to be Iloilo’s “first frontier”. First frontier I say because the fort was specifically built as protection of the city from invaders like the Moro pirates which were threats to Iloilo in the past.

Built between 1603 and 1616, the fort is quadrilateral in shape. Stones from along the coast of Panay and rocks from the neighboring island of Guimaras were gathered to build the fort.  A wooden fence surrounded the fort as additional form of defence. However, thought the fort served to protect the city from invaders, it wasn’t immuned to forces of nature. Part of the fort was regularly pounded by waves. Hence, it needed constant repair and maintenance.  Fort San Pedro survived both the Philippine Revolution and the Spanish-American war. Unfortunately, the fort suffered a great deal when the Americans bombed the Japanese in the fort during the World War II.



Reconstructed Statue of Christ overlooking the sea


Entrance to the Drive-in Bar and Resto in Fort San Pedro


A view of the sunset behind the homes built on water.


Fort San Pedro Today

Today, the renovation of Fort San Pedro is almost complete. People are starting to flock back to this place to spend time with their families and enjoy the breath-taking view of the sea, the sunset and the island of Guimaras. Now, people from all walks of life enjoy strolling along the breakwater and feeling the fresh see breeze. Now for some people, who enjoy good food and good music, there is a drive-in bar and resto at the fort. You can listen to timeless hits performed by different bands every night while eating sumptuous delicacies offered by the outdoor resto. Truly, Fort San Pedro has once again been brought back to its original grandeur.