Located on 23 JM Basa St., Kong Kee Chinese Restaurant has been one of the favorite restaurants of Ilonggos here and abroad. It’s been open for like forever and has been serving the people of Iloilo and “Balikbayans” alike ever since.  Kong Kee is your traditional Chinese establishment found in the downtown Iloilo.


Location: #23 J.M. Basa St., Iloilo City


Fresh new interior of Kong Kee but still able to keep its Chinese resto feel


Named after a famous Chinese leader, “Pancit Sun Yat Sen” is one of Kong Kee’s bestseller.

Kong Kee prides itself with its famous siopao recipe. Other than Roberto’s, Kong Kee is synonymous to “siopao”. Every time people eat at this restaurant, they always find themselves with a smile on their faces since the taste that they’ve always remembered was still there, proving Kong Kee’s legacy of feeding the Ilonggo mouths from one generation to another.