If you ever happen to pass by Smallville Complex, the nightlife center of Iloilo, and you’re craving for some authentic Pinoy dishes, be sure to try Griller’s Oyster House. It’s one of the must-go-to places in the complex.


Located at the Vertex in Smallville, Grillers Oyster House is considered to be synonymous with Baked Talaba (Baked Oysters) in Iloilo City. What makes Grillers different from all other oyster houses in Iloilo is that it’s been attracting not only the oldies of Iloilo but also the vibrant youth in the city. In Grillers, it is uncommon to see hoards of young adults enjoying their baked talaba and combo meals.

Young people not only frequent this place because of their sumptuous offerings at very reasonable prices but also because it’s located the center of nightlife in the metro. After a meal, people can easily go to the nearest pubs and clubs in Smallville Complex.


Griller’s Famous Baked Talaba

The specialty of the house is of course, oysters. With the abundance of seafood in the region, it is no wonder that a specialty restaurant was put up in the area. Griller’s menu consists of the usual favorites such as Sizzling Sisig, Grilled Pork Belly and a variety of oyster dishes. They  Baked Oysters, Steamed Oysters, Sizzling Oysters, Hot Chili Oysters and even Crispy Fried Oysters.