Being one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines, Iloilo certainly has a lot to offer. Over the years, Iloilo has become one of the favorite destinations of foodies here and abroad. To name a few, La Paz batchoy and Pancit Molo are two of Iloilo’s most popular contributions to Philippine cuisine. But Iloilo is not only a foodie destination. It has also become a haven for coffee lovers. Wherever you are in the metro, it’s hard to miss a coffee shop. Almost all public recreation areas offer a variety of coffee shops. One of them is Bluejay Coffee and Deli. What makes Bluejay special is that it’s not only a coffee shop, but a “Gourmet Coffee Shop.”


Bluejay is not only a coffee shop, but a “Coffee Experience.” They serve a variety of coffee and non-coffee based beverages, sandwiches, desserts, steaks and even wine! These and with a nice interior and cozy ambience—what more can you ask for?


Bluejay’s Mochaccino


Bluejay’s Blueberry Cheesecake


Bluejay’s Jasmine Tea

One common misconception of the shop is that it’s expensive. However, prices in Bluejay are relatively very competitive with all the other local coffee shops in Iloilo. You can order a cappuccino at almost similar price with other shops in a cozy yet elegant place. Most students also frequent the place as it has FREE WiFi.

All in all, Bluejay combines the best elements of a Starbucks-style coffee shop and a German/American deli. It’s certainly a place where you can have a sip of the best coffee in town. Couple that with delicious food and a nice ambiance, Bluejay certainly tops our list of the best coffee shops in the City of Love.