Because of its location, Anhawan Beach Resort and Spa is one of the most visited resorts in the province of Iloilo. It is just a 30- minute drive or even less from the city – making it the top choice of families and group of friends or even by people who wants to have some “me-time”. You can enjoy the view of a clean beach, and breathe in the fresh air the metropolitan cannot offer, but not too far giving you easy access to urban convenience. Anhawan is a privately owned property with 6 hectares of land and 450 meters of beach front- a perfect venue for any blissful event- from small group parties to corporate events, formal gatherings, receptions, conventions, or just a simple weekend escape from the stress at work or in school.


Anhawan is more than a resort with a beach and cottages; it offers a variety of services and venues for fun activities which will make your stay in Iloilo worthwhile.

Facilities and Services Offered

At Anhawan, there are a lot of things that you can and a lot of space that you can utilize.

If you are planning to stay for a night or more, there are tons of high-end villas and rooms that you can choose from depending on your budget and the type of facility you need.

For big events, they have a lot of pavilions that could cater different group sizes. They too have a camping sites, and swimming pools.

One of the best spots which provides one with a scenic view, is lying down on a long chair facing the pool, overlooking the beach and the soothing horizon.


For sports buff, you will not get bored. Nets are provided for you to play beach volley, or football. You can enjoy playing Frisbee along the shoreline of the beach, and even have an obstacle race with your friends.

For water lovers, you can rent a sailboat, a jet ski, banana boat or a kayak with your family or friends. Who says you have to be in Boracay to experience fun water activities?

For more relaxing activities, you can go horseback riding around the resort, or simply tour on foot around and enjoy the well-maintained landscapes and beautiful gardens – best spots for a selfie. J

After enjoying the day, you can retire in one of their beautiful huts, and enjoy a glass of a tropical juice. They, of course, have a restaurant which serves a list of tasty local dishes. After a long day of ticking every activity on the list, you can pamper yourself with a spa session in Adhara Rejuvenation Sanctuary.


Prepare an entrance fee of Php 150.00 per guest. Children 3 feet below is free of entrance fee. Fee is consumable to venue rental, beverages, foods, and amenities.


Check out the fun activities you can do at Anhawan:


Activity/ Item Price
Swimming Php 75.00 per head (adult and children)
Horseback riding Php 75.00 per head (adult and children)
Kayaking Php 300.00 hour, Php 1000.00 for the whole day
Jet Ski Php 3800.00 per hour (adult only)
Sailing Php 2500.00 per hour, Php 3500.00 entire day
Volleyball Php100.00 per hour
Soccer ball Php 100.00 per hour
Frisbee Disc P100.00 per disc
Mahjong Set Php 300.00 for whole day use
Pre Nuptial Fee Php 700.00 as charge


 They also have a number of spa services to complete your vacation:


Meditative Thai Massage Php350.00 per hour
Back and Head Massage Php350.00 per hour
Foot and Hand Massage Php350.00 per hour
Shiatsu Massage Php350.00 per hour
Hotel Spa Service Php500.00 per hour
Foot Massage Php250.00 / 30 minutes
Back Massage Php250.00 / 30 minutes
Manicure Php 120.00
Pedicure Php 120.00


How to get there

For those with private vehicles, you can take the Iloilo-Antique highway. Anhawan is located in Oton, Iloilo. It is about 30 minutes from the city and just 5 minutes from the town proper of Oton. After you pass by the town centre of Oton, look for the big blue and white signage of Anhawan. It is on your left going south of Iloilo, just along the road.

For commuters, you can take an Oton-bound jeepney in front of Molo Iloilo Supermart and ask the driver to drop you off in front of Anhawan. The fare from Molo for adults is only Php12.00.

For booking and inquiries:

Contact Donna through:
Main Office:  (033) 335 8949
Front Office:  (033) 336 2247 /  (033) 336 2246
Mobile: 09167020217
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