Celebrated annually every 3rd of May and consistently since 1973, this Festival showcases Pavia’s ingenuity and of their being an indigenous people. Included in the Calendar of Activities of the Department of Tourism, Carabao Carroza Festival attracts many foreign and domestic tourists, guests, and visitors all over the region. The festival which highlight the celebration of the town fiesta is being participated by the eighteen (18) barangays of the municipality and consists of three (3) main attractions namely; the

a.) Carabao Carroza Parade

b.) Carabao Carroza Race and

c.) Search for Carabao Carroza Queen.


It was on May 3, 1973 that the Carabao Carroza Festival was conceptualized by Former Mayor Nelson G. Gumban together with Mr. Rodolfo Claparols, then Field Tourism Officer of the Department of Tourism. The First Carabao Carroza Race was done on the riverbed of Aganan River. The First Carabao Carroza Parade had the carrozas decorated with the barangay’s farm produce and the Barangay Muse wearing the “bakya”, “patadyong” and “kimona” typical of a Filipina. The First Festival Queen Search was done on May 3, 1975 with Lourdes Golez de Asis as the First Festival Queen.

The festival had evolved from its simple celebration to what it is now. The parade has now become a contest of the “Most Gaily Decorated Carabao Carroza” with the carrozas decorated beautifully and donning the carabaos also. The race is now being held at the Pavia National High School grounds and the Search for the Festival Queens had produced a lot of beauties who made best as TV Hosts and Entertainers. Pavia is blessed with town leaders who unselfishly commit their leadership to the place and the people they serve. The festival’s concept and objectives had been carried through the years with the change of time and leadership and will continue to serve as a venue to showcase what Pavia is – and who Pavianhons are.

Carabao Carroza Parade

Eighteen (18) gaily decorated carrozas and carabaos with their muses clad in Filipiana costumes start their way parading from Brgy. Ungka I down to Pavia National High School. Each vies for the Most Gaily Decorated Carabao Carroza, and the carroza being the float bears a motif depicting the barangay’s noted industry or the barangay’s agricultural products. The muses vie for the title of Carabao Carroza Festival Queen.

Carabao Carroza Race

The race consists of the carroza (free from any attachments and decorations) being pulled by carabaos with their riders minus the muses is made on a 110 meter lane at Pavia National High School Grounds.Three (3) elimination rounds complete for the final race. A winner is then declared from the six (6) finalists.

Search for the Carabao Carroza Festival Queen

The search is made among the eighteen (18) muses through various competitions like; Miss Photogenic, Best in Talent, Miss Congeniality, Best in Summer Wear, Best in Evening Gown, Best in Production Number, and Best in Interview. This is being held in the evening of May 3 at the public plaza.

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