Flores is a Spanish word which means “flowers”. The word “flores” is also known as Flores de Mayo or Flowers of May. The Flower Festival is being celebrated in the Month of May to honor the Virgin Mary. In the Philippines, this custom and tradition started right after the proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception in the 1854.

Ilonggos love to celebrate festivals and fiestas. During the summer months, May is consider as the merriest and most beautiful month of the year. May signifies colorful festivals and Flores de Mayo. Living in a predominant Catholic society, Ilonggos always celebrates the event as praises to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Along with the colorful event is the religious – historical beauty pageant called “Santacruzan”. Santacruzan is celebrated in many cities in the Philippines. It depicts how Queen Helena, mother of Constantine the great find the Holy Cross. The Holy Cross was found in Jerusalem and brought back to Rome . The end of the journey was acknowledged by having a joyful celebration for thanksgiving.

Santacruzan are being participated by the beautiful town belles. The selection of the stars are based on their embodiment of traditional feminine qualities. The Festivity is a week –long street pageant honoring beautiful Philippine maidens and their escorts walking under the hand – carried bamboo arc decorated with colorful flowers.

The highlight of the celebration is the appearance of Reyna Elena, the legendary founder of the true Cross. Reyna Elena is being escorted by her son, Constantine, under the huge canopy of May flowers. Behind her float is the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is being followed by a band.
The pageant moves along the street, the devotees are holding the candles as they follow the parade. The people are also joining in the rosary, novena, and songs of praise. The chosen Reyna Elena is being kept as a secret until the day of the parade. The male members are required to wear Barong Tagalog and Filipino costume for women.


– Iloilo National High School Drum and Bugle Corps
– Crucifix
– Reyna Banderada 2014 Miss Paraw Regatta 2nd Runner-Up Sheryl Jaafary (Jaki Penalosa gown)
– Reyna Filipina Miss Teen Earth 2014 Finalist Merry Grace Tubellaja (Alfie Jolo Desamparado gown)
– Reyna Mora 2014 Miss Paraw Regatta 3rd Runner-Up Krisnah Catague(Totong Gellagarin gown)

A – Dolly Chua
V – Connie del Castillo (Eric B Delos Santos gown)
E – Maritess Lim (Eric delos Santos gown)
M – Jane Celeste Gan-Limsui (Eric delos Santos gown)
A – Tweets Causing Tupas (Eric delos Santos gown)
R – Helen Stummer (Alex Soncio gown)
I – Gemma Arellano Cercado Pabalan (Alex Soncio gown)
A – Sheila M. Draper (Bo Parcon gown)


– Reyna Fe Charmy Joy Ga (Jaki Penalosa Fullaccount)
– Reyna Esperanza 2014 Mutya ng Iloilo finalist Lara Janeo (Djohn Clement)
– Reyna Caridad 2014 Miss Silka finalist Angela Zarandin Binky Pitogo)
– Reyna Abogada 2014 Miag-ao Salakayan Festival Queen Allana Matias (Doddie Vril Tan)
– Reyna Justicia 2014 Mutya ng Halaran Paula Joy Cagampan (Mike Sorilla)
– Reyna Judith 2014 Miss Paraw Regatta 1st Runner-Up Ma. Ahriana Huyaban (Totong Gellagarin)
– Reyna Sheba 2014 Miag-ao Fiesta Queen Mary Diane Nufable (Doodie Vril Tan)
– Reyna Esther Daisy Batch (Totong Gellagarin)
– Reyna Sentenciada Carla Beverly Tan (Totong Gellangarin)
– Veronica 2014 Mutya ng Iloilo finalist Justine Rose Villareal Silayro (Binky Pitogo)
– Tres Marias (Mary of Magdala) Cassandra Leslie dela Cruz (Yster Grejaldo)
– Tres Marias (Mother of Christ) 2014 Mutya ng Iloilo Miss Photogenic Kariss Lumangyao (Alfie Desamparado)
– Tres Marias (Mother of James) 2014 Miss Silka finalist Jonalyn Bongosia (Ram Silva)


– Reyna del Cielo 2014 Mutya ng Pilipinas Italy Patrizia Bosco (Jun-g Bayona Candelario)
– Reyna delas Estrellas Jet Salcedo muse Jet Salcedo)
– Reyna delas Angeles 2014 Ms Salakayan Festival Emily Feniza (Doddie Tan)
– Divina Pastora 2014 Mutya ng Iloilo 2nd Runner-up Caryl Gamuyao Ayan Jorda)
– Reyna del Mundo 2013 Miss Silka Iloilo Vivian Belleza Wladkowski (Luis Cadete)
– Reyna delos Martires Vanessa Antojio (Bo Parcon)
– Reyna delas Profetas 2014 Iloilo Festival Queen Carmilia delos Reyes (Alfie DesamparadO
– Reyna delos Apostoles Miss Teen Earth finalist Kryzza Mel Hilay (Jaki Penalosa)
– Reyna delos Confesores 2014 Miss PASCU Metchie Cahigas Bacong (Ayan Jorda)
– Reyna delas Virgines 2010 Miss Dinagyan Angelie Bayona Candelario Golingay (JunG Candelario)
– Reyna delos Santos 2014 Miss Paraw Regatta Janica Ella Honrade (Totong Gellangarin)
– Rosa Mystica Miss Silka Iloilo finalist Kyle Pragados (Yster Grejaldo)
– Reyna dela Candelaria Miss Silka Iloilo finalist Marla Mae Baes(Ayan Jorda)
– Reyna dela Paz Mutya ng Pilipinas-Iloilo 1st Runner-up Ritz Anne Sorianosos (Sidney Eculla)
– Reyna del Rosario 2014 Hiyas sg Iloilo Anna Andrea Liboon (Paul Conte)
– Reyna delas Flores 2014 Miss Philippines Earth Runner-up Bence Bianzon (John John Montinola)
– Reyna Elena 2014 Mutya ng Pilipinas Iloilo Froilene Villanueva (JunG Candelario
– Reyna Emperatriz Melchorita Escalante Mabilog (Eric delos Santos)

– CWL Prayer Stanton Warriors
– Carosa of the Our Loving Mother – Blessed Virgin Mary
– PNP Band