ILOILO CITY, April 24 (PNA)-– Vice Mayor Jose Espinosa III here, concurrent officer in charge of the city mayor’s office, assured that proper bidding rules will be observed by members of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) in the purchase of three units of Mitsubishi FB vans amounting to some P2.7 million.

Espinosa said the amount was included in the General Fund Supplemental Budget No. 1 for 2014 amounting to P7,415,867.45 which the city council approved in the April 22 regular session.

Espinosa said the open bidding for the purchase of vans will have to pass through strict implementation of bidding rules and suppliers are enjoined to follow and abide with the bidding rules.

It was known that supplier Avesco Corp. has lent two units of Mitsubishi vans to the city government for use to meet and deliver guests and visitors of the city.

However, Espinosa said the supplier risks a sale strategy but there is no definite guarantee to win the bid and purchase the vans from Avescor.

The vice mayor said it is considered a public relations strategy of the supplier which is enjoined to also participate in the bidding process without guarantee of purchase. The supplier must present documents to show it is the sole dealer and distributor of the specified vans in Iloilo City in order to capture the sale at the lowest price.

Espinosa said that as to the two loaned van units, the supplier, if it turns out to be the bid winner, must deliver brand new units before perfecting the sale and not the test-drive units. (PNA)