The people of the City and Province of Iloilo and the rest of Western Visayas speak Hiligaynon, one of the pre-dominant languages in the Philippines. Known for its melodious and gentle tone, Ilonggos (people of Iloilo) are proud of this heritage, for it reflects its rich past and genteel background.

Although Filipino (Tagalog) is understood by most of Ilonggos, wouldn’t it be great to know a few basic Hiligaynon words when travelling right at the Heart of the Philippines. Here are some of the basic Hiligaynon phrases and words that you may find useful when exploring Iloilo during Dinagyang Festival:

Basic Traveler Hiligaynon Phrases and Words

English Hiligaynon
Yes/no Huo / Indi
Please/Thanks Palihug / Salamat (gid)
Excuse me Paagi lang / excuse palihug
Where’s the toilet/restroom? Sa diin ang CR?
Left/Right Wala/To-o
Downstairs/Upstairs Sa idalum/sa ibabaw
Hello/Good day! Musta/Ma-ayong adlaw!
Goodbye! Bye/Malakat na kami!
Good morning! Ma-ayong aga!
Good afternoon! Ma-ayong hapon!
Good evening! Ma-ayong gab-i!
My name is… Ang ngalan ko…
Do you have…? May ara kamo sang…?
A room Kwarto
A rental car Kotse nga pwede arkilahon
A bank Bangko
The police Pulis
The bus station Terminal sang bus
The hospital Ospital
The airport Hulugpaan/Airport
How much? Tag-pila?
Do you speak English? Maka-hambal ka sang Ingles?
Sorry Patawad
I don’t understand Indi ko kaintiyende
Please speak slowly Palihug hinaya ang pag-hambal
What? Ano?
What is your name? Ano ngalan mo haw?
When? San-o?
Where? Di-in?
There Dira
Here Diri
We are going to… Pakadto kami sa…

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