As part of the Heritage Month Celebration held every May, the council selects notable and exemplary individuals or institutions that observe and embody the very ideals of cultural preservation: So far here are the some of the awardees:

1. Avancena-Camina House
2. Roselund Hostel Central Philippine University
3. Madavinta House
4. Institucion Teresiana
5. Concepcion Chalet
6. Casa Mariquit
7. Sanson-Montinola Antillan House
8. Nelly Garden
9. Celso Ledesma Sr. House (Ortiz St.)
10. Rosendo Mejica Building
11. Arcenas-Lazaro House (Molo)
12. RCBC Building (Calle Iznart)
13. Angelicum School Building (formerly Lizares Mansion)
14. Marquez-Lim

Under the administration of Mayor Mansueto Malabor, the Iloilo Cultural Heritage Conservation Council was created by a group of citizens desiring to arrest the continuing decay of heritage buildings and the decline of cultural appreciation amongst the youth. Thus, never more fittingly so, at the turn of the 21st century, the first stirrings of a group passionate about cultural conservation huddled in the tiny office of then councilor Atty .Jun Jacela. Many from the cultural mainstream of Iloilo were invited but few decided to soldier on: former banker and rotarian Emmanuel “Nonel” Gemora, Architect Manuel Tingzon Jr., and head of city planning, Jose Roni Penalosa..

In a consultative public planning session, the group then sought to institute the vision and mission of ICHCC which was to aim to make Iloilo city the cultural heritage capital of the Visayas – a rather tall order considering the ever constant rivalry of Cebu and Iloilo. Under the administration of former Mayor Jerry P. Trenas, a resolution was in place appointing an executive committee to finally give juridical and official entity to the Iloilo City Cultural Heritage & Conservation Council.

The mayor of course was the honorary chairman, but the torch bearer who was formerly an outspoken critic now-turned convert was the able-bodied Architect Antonio Sangrador viced by FUAP fellow member, Manual Tingzon Jr. This time around more private sector members who were known to be active in the local cultural mainstream were invited to join and consequently became members: namely Mr. Eugene Jamerlan, Dr,. Kristin Gaon Trenas, Ms. Luth Camina, Oskie L.Arenas, Mr. Joseph Albania, Mr. Eric Divinigracia and official representatives such as Mr. Edward Yee in his capacity as President of the Hotel & Restaurant Ass’n, Ms. Desiree Bretana in her capacity as regional network head of ABS-CBN, and several architect Presidents of various Architectural chapters: Architects Rony de Juan of Hamili, Gaudencio Arancillo 3rd and Jo mari Moleta of Marikudo, Wilfredo S. Sy, Jr. of Iloilo Chapter. As professional public servants: Mr. Edwin Trompeta in his capacity as Department of Tourism head, Mr. Noel Z. Hechanova head of CENRO and OIC of the city’s river rehabilitation project ., former kagawad Merci Drilon Garcia representing the city council and Arch’t Regina Corteza Gregorio as representative of the city engineer’s office.

Under the auspices of Mayor Trenas, the Heritage Month held every May in conjunction with the National Commission on Culture & the Arts’ annual celebration, was instituted to raise public awareness of the rich culture Ilonggos ought to preserve. Another notable achievement of the group was the drafting, concurrence from the City Council, and the dissemination in print, of the Preservation guidelines. In other words, local laws were now in place to protect buildings in the Central Business District from wanton demolition without respect to preservation. Under the administration of Mayor Jed Mabilog, municipal funding for the group was formally instituted. This funding is focused mainly on recording and cataloging extant cultural gems. By this time, cultural mapping, cataloging of buildings 50 years or older, as well as actual implementation of the preservation guidelines are ongoing with the assistance of the City Engineer’s office .

Although much is yet to be done and public funding is being studied, much has been achieved in the areas of public awareness. The ICCHCC as a cultural advisory group or “lighthouse”- guiding architects and building owners to see the wisdom of preserving our visibly rich cultural landmarks and practices hopes to gain more public and institutional support in the future with local and international NGOs and cultural institutions.

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Part 2

Part 3

Heritage Churches and Cemeteries:

  • Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Santa Barbara Church and Convent
  • Santa Barbara Cemetery
  • Miag-ao Church
  • Miag-ao Cemetery
  • Molo Church
  • Cabatuan Church
  • Cabatuan Cemetery
  • Alimodian Church
  • Leon Church
  • San Joaquin Church
  • San Joaquin Camposanto and Cemetery
  • Dumangas Church
  • San José de Placer Parish Church
  • La Paz Catholic Church
  • Villa Church and Santo Niño de Arevalo
  • Oton Church
  • Pavia Church
  • Tigbauan Church
  • Guimbal Church
  • Tubungan Church
  • Navalas Church
  • Barotac Nuevo Church and Convent
  • Barotac Nuevo Cemetery
  • Janiuay Church
  • Janiuay Cemetery
  • Lambunao Church
  • Calinog Church
  • Passi City Church
  • Dingle Church
  • Banate Church
  • Oton Cemetery
  • Balantang Memorial Cemetery Shrine

Government Buildings:

  • Iloilo Provincial Capitol
  • Old Iloilo Provincial Jail
  • Fort San Pedro (Fort Nuestra Señora del Rosario)
  • Old Iloilo City Hall (UP Visayas Main Building)
  • Old Jaro Municipal Hall
  • Aduana / Customs House of Iloilo
  • La Paz Municipal Hall
  • Iloilo City Central Market

Monuments and Historical Sites:

  • Port of Iloilo (Muelle Loney)
  • Rosendo-Mejica Historical Landmark
  • Arroyo Fountain
  • Casino Español
  • Baybay Norte Kuta (Watchtower)
  • Monumento al Reina Isabel II de Las Mujeres de Villa
  • Taytay Boni
  • Iloilo Golf and Country Club
  • Nicholas Loney Monument
  • Jaro Belfry
  • Archbishop’s Residence of Jaro
  • Plaza Libertad
  • Plaza Jaro
  • Plaza Molo
  • Plaza Villa Arevalo
  • Laguda Mansion (Site)
  • Site of Ermita Chapel

Heritage Houses:

  • Sanson-Montinola Antillan House
  • Don Joaquin Ledesma House
  • Locsin House
  • Lopez-Vito House
  • The Boat House
  • Casa Mariquit
  • Magdalena Jalandoni House
  • Roca Encantada
  • Lizares House (Angelicum School of Iloilo)
  • Locsin Ancestral House
  • Pison Ancestral House
  • 1936 Art Deco House
  • Yusay-Consing House
  • Avancena House (Camina Balay na Bato)
  • Castle Hotel
  • Villanueva House
  • Celso-Ledesma House
  • Lacson Ancestral House
  • Dr. Ledesma House
  • Rosendo Mejica House
  • Washington Chalet
  • Senator Ruperto Montinola House
  • Nelly Garden
  • PatPats
  • House 1
  • Montinola House 2
  • Andoks House
  • Pink Benedicto House
  • Montinola Ancestral House
  • Abandoned House
  • Doane Seminary
  • Marquez House
  • Another House in Arsenal
  • Santo Rosario 1
  • Santo Rosario 2
  • General Hughes 1
  • General Hughes 2
  • Laguda Mansion (Site)
  • Quezon 1
  • Quezon 2
  • Sinamay House

Schools, Educational Institutions, and Hospitals:

  • Saint Vincent Ferrer Seminary
  • Iloilo National High School
  • West Visayas State University
  • Iloilo Mission Hospital
  • Colegio de San José
  • Iloilo School of Arts and Trade (WVCST)
  • Central Philippine University
  • Saint Paul’s Hospital
  • University of San Agustín
  • Baluarte Elementary School


  • Islas Gigantes Lighthouse
  • Punta Luzaran Lighthouse (Guisi)
  • Siete Pecados Lighthouse
  • Islas Calabazas Lighthouse

Heritage Buildings of Calle Real (Cataloged and Not yet cataloged):

  • Cantonese Club
  • Ng Ching Beng Hermanos Building
  • Pedro Duvalla Building
  • Dr. Ledesma House
  • YMCA Iloilo
  • J. Melliza Building
  • Tiampo Building
  • 1935 Villanueva Building
  • Celso-Ledesma Building
  • MLC Building
  • Cacho Building (Site)
  • Tayenco Building
  • P. Duvalla Building Aldeguer
  • Palace Theater
  • Iloilo Lucky Trade Building
  • Javellana Building (1926)
  • Eusebio Villanueva Building
  • 1925 Serafin Villanueva Building
  • S. Villanueva Building (RCBC)
  • Alba Divinagracia Building
  • Masonic Temple
  • Hotel Iloilo (Landbank Plaza Libertad)
  • Ynchausti y Cia / Elizalde y Cia (Old COA Building)
  • Ker and Company