Sadsad sa Kalye(Lanot Festival), Janiuay, Iloilo- If Tultugan has Bamboo, then Lanot has… Lanot! Lanot is a type of grass used to make woven ricebowls, bedsheets and baskets. And Janiuay is the place where Lanot is abound. Janiuay’s name came from Oway. Oway is the other word for Lanot. During the festival, people dance in the streets celebrating their well loved town’s foundation day.

LANOT Festival aims to bring public awareness on its multi-level relevance to all aspects of human endeavor to generate a continuous livelihood development in conjunction with the implementation and sustenance of Abaca resource management program for an economically stable Janiuaynons.

Lanot, also known as Abaca fiber is a by-product extracted from abaca. It is durable, saltwater-resistant and versatile wherein the use of this fiber dates back to Hispanic times when it was made as docking ropes to Spanish galleons. Presently, the town is making export-quality products such as bags, hats and slippers and other home decors.

The Festival remains true to its culture without giving in to pressures of looking ‘just like the other municipal festivals’ to impress visitors and guests. The festival committee headed by their ever-supportive Municipal Mayor, Hon. DR. BIENVENIDO P. MARGARICO chooses to exploit the inherent qualities of the Janiuay way of life through a rich display of their main product every 2nd week of December as the people of Janiuay take pride in sharing their town’s blessings to everyone through the launching of their LANOT Festival, Festival of Lights and the Grand Finals of Search for Janiuay Pop Superstar.