ILOILO CITY, April 10 (PNA)-– Barangay officials of 180 barangays in this city are being urged to install and put up their own close circuit television (CCTV) system to help deter criminality and monitor the peace and order situation in their respective areas.

City councilor Nielex Tupas said the proposal has met the implied approval of Liga ng mga Barangay president Carlos Guarin to level up the communication technology in the city villages.

However, Guarin said there are many barangays who cannot afford to buy the CCTV cameras and pay for their installation. Tupas said he is campaigning for benefactors to donate the units to the barangays similar to one family in the city who donated two units of CCTV camera each to selected 22 city public elementary and high schools.

Tupas said the proposal is not mandated in the CCTV ordinance yet and barangay officials are in the forefront and first line of internal defense who need communication technology support.

So far, only 267 out of the 577 registered but high risk business establishments were issued with CCTV certificate of compliance. With certificate of compliance are 174 pawnshops, credit facilities and money changers; 38 banks and ATMs; 16 malls, supermarkets, and stores selling liquors; 20 hotels and private schools and nine gas stations and terminals.

Tupas said these high risks business establishments are part of the more than 5,000 registered business establishments operating in the city of Iloilo.

The certificate of compliance is a requirement in the application of new or renewal of business permits in the city.(PNA)