If you want to test out your skills in golf and have fun with your friends or family, visit one of Philippine’s finest here in Iloilo  – The Iloilo Golf Course and Country Club. Located in Sta. Barbara Iloilo, you can get there in less than 30 minutes from the city.

You can take a Sta. Barbara jeepney from the Jeepney Terminal in “Super” Market near Robinson’s Place or you can board beside University of the Philippines in the Visayas Iloilo City Campus. Ask the driver to drop you off the terminal area with tricycles going to the Golf Club. It will just take 5 minutes from there to Iloilo Golf and Country Club.

The Iloilo Golf and Country Club Story

The Iloilo Golf Course and Country is the oldest golf course not only in the country but in South East Asia.  The roots of this prestigious country club began in the 1850’s when the Bristish Vice Consul, Nicholas Loney came to Iloilo and led Iloilo to the grandeur it had before. Loney is known as the Father of the Philippine Sugar Industry for his unparalleled efforts in uplifiting Iloilo’s economy and even the entire Visayas. Due to the unstoppable growth of Iloilo at that time, Loney initiated advancements as well as in transportation such as railway systems to further improve the businesses and economic status of the province leading to the request of Scottish engineers as employees of the Panay Railways Company in Iloilo.

These Scottish employees had a glimpse of the rolling fields in the town of Sta. Barbara. The hills brought back memories of their native land and to remedy the nostalgic feeling, they came up of the idea of playing golf, which was their national pastime and that was when golf was given birth in the Philippines.



The golf course used to have only 9 holes laid out along this terrain of slopes and folds beautified with acacia trees and ponds.  Small nipa huts were built at the entrance to serve as shelters for the golfers, now the area was converted into parking lots along the 11th fairway. During the 1920’s in place of the huts, a bigger wooden concrete shed across the 11th and alongside the 18th green was erected. Unfortunately this structure was used by the USAFFE forces during the World War II and was destroyed.

In the 80’s a full 18- hole tournament course was built. It was meticulously expanded to maximize the natural beauty of the place making the golf course a hidden jewel deprived of the appreciation from most of the non-golfing general public. With its rich historical background and how it has maintained its beauty and stood the test of time, truly, even if you do not have the heart for golfing, you must set foot and take a peak of Iloilo’s pride.

How to Play At Iloilo Golf Course

The club is private, but tourists are very welcome to play, however, reservations must be made if you wish to play on the weekends and on the holidays. Practice areas are available for you to warm up before your game. There are tee houses located on the fairways for your convenience and for refreshments; they also have a modern clubhouse with a restaurant. Office hours start from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

For more inquiries, you can contact them through:

632 905 3322013

632 927 718 7159


Visit Iloilo and enjoy a morning swing at Iloilo Golf Course and Country Club. Have fun!