Located along the road of Guimbal is another favourite destination in Iloilo.  Racso’s Woodland Resort is owned by Oscar Garin who comes from a prominent political family in the province of Iloilo. As a matter of fact Racso is an anagram and actually Oscar if you read it backwards. This popular destination is a blend of a theme park, resort and a zoo.

From the city of Iloilo you can hop in a Guimbal jeepney at the terminal in front of “Super” market or take a bus going to Antique at Molo Terminal. Ask the driver or usually the assistant of the driver that you want to go to Racso’s. They know where it is. If you have your own vehicle, take the Iloilo- Antique National highway and drive for an hour from the city. If you see green buildings and a gate with a gigantic Racso’s Woodland on top just along the road on your right, you are there! J


What to do at Racso’s?


They have an entrance fee of only Php 50.00 which is consumable. You can use the coupon to buy snacks or as fee for swimming.

They have swimming pools that can cater different age groups. For nature lovers, they will enjoy the sight of the extensive haven of trees, flowering plants, ornamental plants and shrubs.

At the Aviary, you can say hello to some common birds such as doves, sparrows and pigeons and to not so common species in the Philippines like brahminy kites, silver pheasants and sulphur-crested cockatoo.

They also have a lane of aquariums to showcase different marine animals and there is also a big area for ground animals such the spotted deer, ostrich, sheep, dogs and a lot more. Inside separate cages, there are different types of snakes, crocodile and different breeds of peacocks.


If you want to have a party, they have a big function room or what they call as The Pavilion that can cater 500 guests, or if you want a less formal shindig, you can have it in an open area beside the pool.  They also have a restaurant at the poolside which serves a variety of food –from light snacks to heavy meals.

Racso’s has a mini hotel with rooms that can accommodate an individual or groups at a maximum of 8, if you wish to stay over and maximize your Racso’s visit.

For inquiries and booking, contact them through:

  • Landline: (+63)(033) 3155003/3155345 or 5120014