Contact: 3350484 or 3371595
Location: #61 J.M. Basa Street Iloilo City

Iloilo is always known for its delectable food like LapazBatchoy, PancitMolo, and Biscocho. However, did you know that there’s another must try food shop in Iloilo? That’s Roberto’s Siopao.

Roberto’s is a household name already in Iloilo. And more often than not, people equate the word “Siopao” to Roberto’s. It’s as if there no other store selling this commodity.

People who have been to Roberto’s would know how legendary their siopao is. On a regular day, the best seller is the king’s Siopao. But three or four days in a month, Roberto’s releases a limited edition Queens’s Siopao.

The Queen’s Siopao is always a big hit. Usually a day or two before the scheduled “Queens Siopao” day, reservations are already made by loyal patrons.

The queen’s variant as their menu states, contains bacon strips, plus the ingredients of the Kings Siopao and some more fillings.

Roberto’s Siopao is extraordinary. Nothing can compare to Roberto’s, the taste is original. The dough is soft even if not heated. Ingredients inside taste extremely delicious without sauce and they are right about it. Your first bite makes you crave for more, which is simply like a drug where you search and want more . That’s why we keep on coming back to buy their best tasting siopao.

A foreigner,who’s curious about the taste, will love and enjoy the savoring fillings of Roberto’s Siopao. Roberto’s is well known over the country since you cannot buy Roberto’s Siopao anywhere else but here in Iloilo City. They don’t branch out. Aside from the great taste, Roberto’s serve their siopao fresh and hot straight from the oven. It is meaty inside just the way foreigners and locals like it. Above all it is original and distinct from all other siopao. The siopao is also well preserved since it does not easily spoil. Even if a day passes by, the taste of siopao stays the same. So come in and try Roberto’s Siopao, where great taste is a mouth full.


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