In the heart of Iloilo, conveniently positioned a few kilometres from the Iloilo International Airport is Iloilo’s new pasalubong centre. From the airport, it is on the right side of the road located on the ground floor of Tatay Sa Kauswagan Inc Corporate Office in the boundary of Pavia and Sta. Barbara Iloilo. The shop is open every day from 9 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon.


The Tinukib Story

Tinukib is a Hiligaynon word which means discovery.  This pasalubong or souvenir shop aims that the different creations from Iloilo and Western Visayas be discovered.  A variety of products creatively and painstakingly done by the artistic and innovative hands of the Ilonggo micro- entrepreneurs are being sold here.

Tinukib was a product of ideas and the vision of reintroducing and providing local and international tourists a glimpse of authentic and quality Ilonggo products, craftsmanship and cultural promotion that emanates the artistry and creativity of Ilonggos.

The main goal of Tinukib is more than just the reinforcement  of the rich culture of the Ilonggos and what Iloilo has to offer in the global market but more than anything else is the worthier cause to uplift communities and create a bigger impact to the livelihood projects and enterprises it supports.

Every single product in Tinukib has a story to tell. It is the concrete result of how each product became what it was made for. Each has undergone intricate procedures, extensive research and product development by local communities and beneficiaries of Taytay sa Kauswagan Inc, an organization with a social purpose of setting the bars higher for local entrepreneurs and to maintain a world class standard.


Tinukib Products

Works of art from all over Iloilo and neighbouring provinces are available at Tinukib:

  • Mouth – watering products all the way from the province of Guimaras – Since the province is the mango capital of the Philippines, indulge yourself with their mango bars, mango barquillos, mango otap, mango jams, and concentrated mango juice and mango ketchup. If you are not into mangoes, worry no more because they have tasty cashew nuts and pineapple products too.
  • Even though there are a lot of branches around the city, Tinukib has a collection of the best of the best from top sellers of Ilonggo delicatessens such as Deocampo’s barquillos and toasted mamin, Wewin’s bañadas and biscocho and Mama’s Kitchen savoury you-have-to-have-more thin and crunchy cookies with all the flavours. (I highly recommend their mango chewies.)
  • Aside from the food they also have home-made skin care products from soaps to moisturizers and other beauty and health potions made from natural ingredients.
  • If you are into fashion, there are a lot of bags and accessories made from different indigenous materials which were made into world-class end products. There are different colours, designs and sizes and I am pretty sure one will suit your taste. There are even bags made from the recycled juice tetra packs – buying these products will not only boost the local entrepreneurs but is also a good way of helping Mother Nature.
  • Since Iloilo has a very strong weaving industry and as a matter of fact was once labelled as the Textile Capital of the Philippines, there are a number of hablon and piña products on hand. There are ready to be worn products as well. There is also a display of an actual loom to pay tribute to Iloilo’s unwavering weaving industry.
  • Furnitures made from bamboo with eye-catching designs that even though I do not need one at home, it was so tempting to purchase. A number of handcrafted products made from pandan, buri abaca, nito, raffia, coconut husks and capiz shells are available. They were beautifully crafted into house decors, souvenir items, trinkets and furniture. My favourites are the notebooks and the photo albums made from recycled paper.
  • After shopping, you can sit back and relax in their café and salad bar and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and freshly picked vegetables.


For more details or if you want to make special appointments you can contact them through 033 320 0056, 0917 394 9536, 033 320 3958.