Tired of the typical weekend getaway at the beach or in a night club? Try something out of the routine and visit Villa Rica Palamunitan. Palamunitan is an Ilonggo term for fishing place. This 2 year-old laid back area with cottages elevated from a big pond filled with fresh water fishes is open from 9 in the morning until 9:30 in the evening.

Villa Rica Palamunitan is just a walking distance from Gaisano Capital Oton, and just across Anhawan Beach Resort along J.C Zulueta St. Poblacion, Oton Iloilo. From the city proper, you can take any Oton jeepney in front of Molo Iloilo Supermart. The fare is only Php 12.00. Inform the driver to drop you off in front of Anhawan Beach Resort.


What to do at Villa Rica Palamunitan

  • Go Fishing

On your own or much better with company, you can go fishing. They have an entrance fee of Php25.00 with a free drink- you can choose one from mineral water, soft drinks or iced tea. With only Php 10.00, you can rent their fishing rod and another P10.00 for the bait. Then, you can pick your spot and patiently wait for the fish to get hooked. While waiting, you can munch on the finger foods they serve like chips and lumpiang shanghai. They also have siomai and short order meals like pasta and burger.

You need patience for this kind of activity, but the moment you get your first catch, especially if it is a big one, the feeling of excitement and the sense of accomplishment make you giddy and you want to have more of it.

The fishes you catch are being weighed and bought per kilo:

Tilapia – Php 175.00 per kilo

Bangus – Php 185.00 per kilo

Bulgan – Php 300.00 per kilo


  • Eat!

Of course the feeling of having a big catch is already rewarding, but wouldn’t it be more fun if you enjoy the freshly cooked fish? Talk about enjoying the fruits of your labour! J


You can request on how you want your fish to be prepared and cooked:

Grilled – Php 85.00 per kilo

Sigang (Fish soup) – Php 85.00 per kilo

With Php 1000.00 or less, you can already enjoy a sumptuous meal for a group of 4 or 5 people. One of their must try dishes is the adobado pantat (cat fish). Aside from the seafood they offer, their best seller is their original recipe of lechon manok, sold at Php 310.00 for every one whole roasted chicken.


  • Boating

Another fun activity to do there is boating. For Php 50.00 only, you can ride a boat around the pond and enjoy the view of the sky and feel the fresh breeze. If you do not know how to manoeuvre the boat, you can ask for assistance, you just add Php 25.00 for the guide.

A private cottage that can accommodate 8 -10 people is also available at a rate of Php300, suitable for family gatherings or catching up with friends. If you will be renting the cottage, the entrance fee and fishing is free. They also accept exclusive and private use of cottages for Php 750.00 good for 20-25 persons which includes free entrance, free 20 regular soft drinks, ice tea, or mineral water, and a free fishing.

For inquiries, you can reach them through telephone number (033) 396 7055.

Spend a day at Villa Rica Palamunitan and have a fun fishing experience with your family and friends!