Are you craving for juicy and tasty seafood but worried about the amount of money you will be spending? Worry no more and get ready to satisfy your cravings.

Along the stretch of Villa Beach in Villa, Arevalo, Iloilo City Philippines, you can find an entire lane full of seafood restaurants offering luscious and fresh seafood at very affordable and reasonable prices. To get there, you can just ride a Villa Baybay jeepney or take a cab. It will only take you 15-20 minutes from the city proper.

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A few of the most popular and most visited seafood strips are Annie’s Place, Stanley’s Erning’s and Mat-Mat’s (All named after the owner or a significant member of the family). There are a lot more and they all offer almost the same set of food. What sets one apart from the other, is the size of the place, its cleanliness, the speed of their service and the hospitability of the servers.

You can decide and point at your favourites as they are usually displayed on a stand outside the restaurants. Very inviting and friendly service crew will gladly assist you. In most of the restaurants, the service is fast as most of the food is already precooked.  Always present in the menu list are the oysters, grilled pantat (catfish), big boneless bangus, stuffed squid, shrimp and grilled fish and fish soup. Aside from seafood, they also have pork and chicken barbeque, and lechon baboy.  For loyal customers, owners usually give one or two servings of oysters.

It is best to sit at the table nearest to the beach, as the breeze is so soothing, and the splashes of the wave provide a tranquil ambiance. It is a perfect place to loosen up with your friends or your family after a long day or even a long week at work. It is usually noisy, because the place is open and there are KTV’s provided for additional recreation. Nonetheless, you will not get annoyed because once your order is placed on the table, all you energy and attention are drawn to it.