What’s ⬆︎up Iloilo vol.1

A Collection of Places and Events, know what Ilonggos are made of Source: https://vimeo.com/helicamph What's ⬆︎up Iloilo vol.1 from HeliCam Philippines on Vimeo.

Iloilo Historic Mansions

ILOILO OLD MANSIONS DOCUMENTARY Heritage Houses: Sanson-Montinola Antillan HouseDon Joaquin Ledesma House Don Joaquin Ledesma House Locsin House Lopez-Vito House The Boat House Casa Mariquit Magdalena Jalandoni House Roca Encantada Lizares House (Angelicum School of Iloilo) Locsin Ancestral House Pison Ancestral House 1936 Art Deco House Yusay-Consing House Avancena House (Camina Balay na Bato) Castle […]

Most Livable City in the Philippines

I AM ILOILO: MOST LIVABLE CITY Iloilo City is where you can find the finest characters of Filipinos. Ilonggos, people living in Iloilo, are the sweetest people in the Philippines. That’s why this city is also known as City of Love. One of the users in the site commented “I can walk through its streets […]

Iloilo On The Move

Philippine Travel Guide: Iloilo On The Move We explore Iloilo City, the Queen’s City in the South, as it moves forward to its destiny. The gateway to the four-province island of Panay, the city boasts of its glorious past as a foundation for its progressive current status that will lead to its very promising future. […]

It’s More Fun in the Philippines – Iloilo

It’s More Fun in the Philippines | Iloilo TV Commercial | Philippines Department of Tourism Travel to the city where past and present meet. Visit Spanish colonial mansions, uncover secret histories from bygone eras and recharge at breezy seaside eateries. Complete your trip with a night cap at the Iloilo River Esplanade, where you can […]

The Gateway to Everything Beautiful by Beautiful Iloilo

Whether it’s to escape or when you’re looking to feel home, bringing yourself out to experience Iloilo and its glory lingers on. Beautiful Iloilo is a movement; if you don’t already love Iloilo, we’re now going to make sure you do. Source: Beautiful Iloilo

Beautiful Iloilo

This is Beautiful Iloilo:) BluQube Inc’s humble tribute to our beloved city!:) We would like to take the opportunity to thank our friends and sponsors who contributed to make this project possible. A special shout out to Councilor Jason Gonzales, City Tourism Officer Mr. Ben Jimena and our Hon. Mayor Jed Mabilog for making this […]