*Your one peso is PISOS

*You take a bath using a tabo which you call CALTEX. The same Caltex is also often used as a unit of measurement (i.e. isa ka caltex nga pasayan, isa ka caltex nga hipon, isa ka caltex nga asin)

*Your bathroom has at least one lugod (some has one for every family member)

*Your nanay used to make you drink Mirinda or Royal Tru Orange when you have a fever, which is supposed to make you feel better

*Sinamak is a staple in your dining table (the best Ilonggo invention if you ask me, was even banned on airplanes long before 911)

*You call brown sugar red (kalamay nga pula)

*November 1 means eating ibus, suman, suman latik, kalamay-hati, bayi-bayi, valenciana or other native delicacies with glutinous rice and coconut milk

*You call those who are older than you manang or manong

*You catch the attention of sales attendants by calling them “day” or “to”

*Your childhood games include tumba patis, taksi, panagu-ay, balay-balay, ins, tin-tin baka, etc.

*You used to be (or still are) scared to go out at night lest you meet the aswang, tik-tik, tayhu, kapre, kama-kama, morto, etc.

*You used to listen (or still listens) to Sin-o Ang May Sala, Lain Siya Sa Iban, and Toyang Ermitanya

*You call a person, thing, place and event kwan when you forget it (si kwan, ang kwan, sa kwan)

*You use words such as “Ahay” (expression of pity, grief, empathy), “Yuga” (expression of disbelief, surprise), “Ambot Ah” (to say you don’t know, expression of impatience)

*You often start your sentence with “ti”

*You say goodbye by saying “HALONG”

*Your favorite cusswords is “LINTI”

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Cabugao Gamay Island near Isla Gigantes in Carles, Iloilo

source: https://www.facebook.com/iamiloilocitynext/posts/1277646112411488