Who’s up for Brunch at Dova?

There’s a new place in town people! A new bistro that serves BRUNCH all day long. So far this has been the only brunch bistro that I have seen in Iloilo City. It’s DOVA Brunch Café. If you want to have a taste of some heavenly brunch meals while enjoying your own private time, come […]

Griller’s Oyster House

If you ever happen to pass by Smallville Complex, the nightlife center of Iloilo, and you’re craving for some authentic Pinoy dishes, be sure to try Griller’s Oyster House. It’s one of the must-go-to places in the complex. Located at the Vertex in Smallville, Grillers Oyster House is considered to be synonymous with Baked Talaba […]

A Little Piece of Heaven at Heavenly Café and Pastries

Who can say no to a cheesecake? No one! How about if it’s a cheesecake made with love and with a ton of different flavors? I have just the thing for you. If ever you come to pass by the new GT Mall in the Molo District, be sure to check out the new cheesecake […]

Ponsyon by Breakthrough

In Iloilo, everyone knows Breakthrough Seafood Restaurant. It’s one of the top seafood restaurants in the city, if not the top. However, Breakthrough is located in Villa Beach which is around 30 minutes away from the metro. So for those who are craving for the best seafood dishes, getting there can be quite tricky. Good […]

Dulgies: Iloilo’s Favorite Dessert House

For those of you who are dessert lovers out there, are you visiting Iloilo anytime soon? I have the perfect place for you.  The must-go-to place for you is Dulgies Dessert Café, Iloilo’s favorite dessert house! Located in La Salette Building, Valeria Street, Dulgies Dessert and Café is the home Iloilo’s best homemade cakes and desserts. […]

Pid-Als: Molo’s Old-timer Coffee House

If La Paz has the popular coffee destination Madge, the district of Molo has Pid-Als. It is considered to be already an institution in Molo. Located in the plaza (district center), it has been in operation sin 1957. Everyone who has been to the district of Molo find it hard to miss this place. If […]

Freska’s Hometown Buffet

Iloilo City, being a foodies’ destination certainly has a lot to offer when it comes the best restos in the metro. From budget friendly “Carinderias” to fancy restaurants, Iloilo has them all. Whether you’re on a tight budget or a splurge-on-food type of person, there are truly a variety of food destinations to choose from. […]

Bluejay Coffee and Deli

Being one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines, Iloilo certainly has a lot to offer. Over the years, Iloilo has become one of the favorite destinations of foodies here and abroad. To name a few, La Paz batchoy and Pancit Molo are two of Iloilo’s most popular contributions to Philippine cuisine. But Iloilo […]


One thing about being an Ilonggo is our love for food. That explains the increasing number of restaurants in the city. With the current developments in the city, many restaurants serving a variety of cuisines have been sprouting everywhere in the city of love. Despite new competition, one restaurant always comes to mind when it […]

Glor’s Hamburger & Broadway Café

If you’re an Ilonggo born in the 70s or 80s, you probably not have only heard of Glor’s, but have tasted its mouth-watering burgers. It is impossible for an Ilongo or anyone who has been to Iloilo to not know the existence of this nice little joint located just near the corner of Valeria and […]

Roberto’s: Seat of the Queen Siopao

When visitors come to Iloilo, they always look for a place to eat Iloilo’s famous batchoy and bring home a box filled with biscocho, but did you know that Iloilo also offers one of the best siopaos in the country? Siopao is a Chinese in origin food filled with meat, either chicken or pork, along […]

Allan’s Original Talabahan

Longing for bits of heaven from the ocean but do not have the budget to go to a fancy seafood restaurant? Well, there is one place that will solve your tummy problem but will not add more damage to your wallet issues. Get in an Oton jeepney for only Php 12.00 and head to Allan’s […]

Villa Rica Palamunitan

Tired of the typical weekend getaway at the beach or in a night club? Try something out of the routine and visit Villa Rica Palamunitan. Palamunitan is an Ilonggo term for fishing place. This 2 year-old laid back area with cottages elevated from a big pond filled with fresh water fishes is open from 9 […]

Deocampo: The Original Barquillos

Deocampo: The Original Barquillos I do not know if other Filipinos in other regions are also fond of pasalubongs, but Iloilo certainly has A LOT to offer, when it comes to take home delicacies. Each pasalubong centre has a specialty. Iloilo is not only the home of the best biscocho and butterscotch, but it is […]

The La Paz Batchoy Showdown

When one decides to visit Iloilo for the first time and he asks for tips from Ilonggo friends and from those who have already visited the province, B.A.T.C.H.O.Y, is always on the list. Iloilo is the home of the original batchoy – this noodle soup with a salty and yet very tasty broth, best served […]

Biscocho Haus: Home of Ilonggo Delicacies

Location: (Main Brach) Lopez Jaena St. Jaro, Iloilo City Contact Number: (033) 329 08 62 All set to go home but with only one thing left to do? Thinking of what to bring for your friends and family back home?  Hurry to the nearest Biscocho Haus and bring Iloilo in a box to your loved […]

Boardwalk: Dining by the River

Are you looking for a place which can be categorized somewhere in between a classy bistro, where you cannot understand half of the over priced menu, and a laid back restaurant with very tasty meals at cheap prices but not that particular with sanitation? A place which you can say – “hmmm… just right.” A […]

Panaderia de Iloilo

The dictionary defines the Filipino word “pasalubong” as homecoming treat. In Iloilo, when we say “pasalubong”, what comes to mind are the delicious traditional Ilonggo bread products that Ilonggos are known for. And your trip in Iloilo wouldn’t be complete without dropping by Panaderia de Iloilo. Located on Osmena Street, Arevalo, Panaderia de Iloilo is […]

Madge Café: Not Your Ordinary Coffee Shop

Madge Café: Not Your Ordinary Coffee Shop Coffee is like booze to all coffee lovers, and if you are in Iloilo City, you must not miss the best freshly brewed coffee of Madge Café. Madge Café is one of the most jam-packed coffee place in Iloilo City. If you claim that you are an Ilonggo […]

Villa’s Seafood Strip

Are you craving for juicy and tasty seafood but worried about the amount of money you will be spending? Worry no more and get ready to satisfy your cravings. Along the stretch of Villa Beach in Villa, Arevalo, Iloilo City Philippines, you can find an entire lane full of seafood restaurants offering luscious and fresh […]

Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafood at Villa Arevalo

If you are into seafood and native Filipino cuisine, you should indulge yourself in one of Iloilo’s finest restaurants located along Villa Beach in Arevalo, Iloilo City. It is just a fifteen minute ride from the centre of the city. You can take a Villa jeepney or a cab. All the drivers know where Tatoy’s […]


Located: 113 Seminario St., Jaro, Iloilo City Contact: 320-2186 Bavaria Restaurant is located in one of the oldest districts of Iloilo City, Jaro, which is known for old houses and the old rich families that own them. Bavaria is a stone’s throw away from Jaro Cathedral and fairly easy to find… if you know what […]

Amalfi Cucina Italiana

Located: The Avenue Complex Glicerio Pison Avenue Brgy. San Rafael, Mandurriao, Iloilo City. Contact: 329-5289. If you love anything Italian or you simply want to experience gastronomic delight, you’ve got the perfect excuse to fly to Iloilo City. An unforgettable dining experience awaits you at Amalfi Cucina Italiana, an authentic Italian restaurant located in the […]

Al Dente Ristorante Italiano

Location: Sarabia Manor Hotel & Convention Centre, Gen. Luna St. Iloilo City Contact: +63 33 336 7813 Al Dente Ristorante Italiano was voted as Iloilo’s  best Italian restaurant at the Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Centre, a well known luxury hotel in Iloilo City. This Italian restaurant promises a truly remarkable dining experience, from, mouth watering […]

Esca’s Garden Restaurant

Location: Aurora Subdivison, Iloilo City, 5000 Contact: 3383477 / 09229222116 / 09209019908 Connect with Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Escas-Garden-Restaurant/94298862018 e-Mail: info@escasgarden.com With its wide landscaped garden, Esca’s is the best place to celebrate special events like weddings and reunions. Having dinner under the stars while you’re right in the middle of the city is an ambience that only we […]

Afrique’s Italian Restaurant

Afrique’s Smallville is open from 11AM onwards everyday while Valeria Branch opens from 8am till 10pm. We hope that you visit us soon. For Deliveries. please call: Jaro +63 33-3200554; Hotel Del Rio +63 33-3381270, Smallville +63 33-5094900, and Valeria +63 33-5096092.  Website: http://www.afriquespizza.com/ e-Mail: info@afriquepizzas.com What started with one just restaurant way back 2002, was the […]

Original Biscocho Haus

Contact: +63 32 329 0864 Location: Arguelles  Iloilo City, Philippines Original Biscocho Haus (OBH) started in 1975 as a humble bakeshop at the garage of the late Dr. Carlos Guadarrama and Teresa Jalandoni-Guadarrama. Some of the pioneer products of OBH are the famous butterscotch, banana marbles, galletas, and of course, the name-sake of the store, biscocho. […]

Allan’s Talabahan

Contact:336 1446 Location: Poblacion West Oton, Philippines Reviews [RICH_REVIEWS_SHOW category=”allans-talabahan” num=”all”] Allan’s Talabahan [RICH_REVIEWS_FORM category=”allans-talabahan”]

Roberto’s Siopao

Contact: 3350484 or 3371595 Location: #61 J.M. Basa Street Iloilo City Website: http://robertossiopao.wordpress.com/ Iloilo is always known for its delectable food like LapazBatchoy, PancitMolo, and Biscocho. However, did you know that there’s another must try food shop in Iloilo? That’s Roberto’s Siopao. Roberto’s is a household name already in Iloilo. And more often than not, […]

Buto’t Balat

Contact: 329-6794 Locations: Diversion Road near SM City, Jaro Plaza & Solis St beside Amigo Hotel, Iloilo City, Philippines   Reviews [RICH_REVIEWS_SHOW category=”butot-balat” num=”all”] Review Buto’t Balat [RICH_REVIEWS_FORM category=”butot-balat”]

Ocean City

Contact: 336-9272 Location: Gen Luna St, Iloilo City Website: http://oceancityiloilo.com/ Email: oceancity@yahoo.com Ocean City is one of Iloilo City’s top seafood restaurants and was opened a decade ago by Mr. Ernesto A. Borromeo, Jr. and some close friends. Ocean City has established a good name in terms of quality food in meticulous taste buds of […]

Breakthrough Seafood Restaurant

Contact +63 33 337 3027 Location: Santo Niño Sur Iloilo City Reviews [RICH_REVIEWS_SHOW category=”breakthrough-seafood-restaurant” num=”all”] Review Breakthrough Seafood Restaurant [RICH_REVIEWS_FORM category=”breakthrough-seafood-restaurant”]

Ponsyon by Breakthrough

Contact: 508.8859 Location: Plazeula de Iloilo, Benigno Aquino Ave Iloilo City, Iloilo Reviews [RICH_REVIEWS_SHOW category=”ponsyon-breakthrough” num=”all”] Review Ponsyon by Breakthrough [RICH_REVIEWS_FORM category=”ponsyon-breakthrough”]

Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafood

Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafood along Villa beach in Villa, Iloilo City has been an institution to both locals and visitors alike. With its signature native litson manok (native roasted chicken) and a wide array of selections of fresh seafood and other native dishes, patrons have been coming for either a Sunday family day, or to […]