The Gigantes Experience

Thinking of what to do for your vacation? Let me introduce to you Isla de Gigantes in Carles Iloilo.  I have been there last weekend and I should say if you are looking for a variety of adventures, Gigantes is what you are looking for. Isla de Gigantes is one of the most popular tourist […]

Guimaras’ Manggahan Festival

Guimaras is a province 15 minutes away from Iloilo and can be reached by riding a pump boat. Guimaras is known around the globe for producing the most luscious and the sweetest mangoes, thus they have an annual celebration termed as Manggahan Festival, (Mangga is the local term for mango.) Manggahan Festival is a month […]

Skim Boarding in Iloilo: A Sport in Progress

Skimboarding or skimming is a sport growing in popularity nowadays in the Philippines and in the city of Iloilo.  But not everybody is familiar with this sport yet. To be honest, I did not know anything about it up until I saw the players on their boards and pulling off some awesome stunts along Villa […]

Roberto’s: Seat of the Queen Siopao

When visitors come to Iloilo, they always look for a place to eat Iloilo’s famous batchoy and bring home a box filled with biscocho, but did you know that Iloilo also offers one of the best siopaos in the country? Siopao is a Chinese in origin food filled with meat, either chicken or pork, along […]

Iloilo Golf Course and Country Club:

If you want to test out your skills in golf and have fun with your friends or family, visit one of Philippine’s finest here in Iloilo  – The Iloilo Golf Course and Country Club. Located in Sta. Barbara Iloilo, you can get there in less than 30 minutes from the city. You can take a […]

Tinukib: Iloilo’s Premiere Pasalubong Centre

In the heart of Iloilo, conveniently positioned a few kilometres from the Iloilo International Airport is Iloilo’s new pasalubong centre. From the airport, it is on the right side of the road located on the ground floor of Tatay Sa Kauswagan Inc Corporate Office in the boundary of Pavia and Sta. Barbara Iloilo. The shop […]

Kim’s Bob: A Taste of Korea in Iloilo

Filipinos especially Ilonggos are known to be very hospitable and usually welcomes something or someone new with open arms. That is why when the number of Korean tourists, students and businessmen skyrocketed, Iloilo adapted to change and a lot of Korean restaurants were put up. One of the most popular and most visited is Kim’s […]

Racso’s Woodland Resort: Visiting Mother Nature

Located along the road of Guimbal is another favourite destination in Iloilo.  Racso’s Woodland Resort is owned by Oscar Garin who comes from a prominent political family in the province of Iloilo. As a matter of fact Racso is an anagram and actually Oscar if you read it backwards. This popular destination is a blend […]

A Trip to Guimbal

Guimbal Iloilo, another town in the province of Iloilo, provides a number of beaches, vacation destinations, and venues for a variety of fun activities you and your friends or family will surely enjoy. To get there, you can board a Guimbal jeepney at Iloilo “Super” Terminal. The fare is about Php 50.00 from the centre […]

Allan’s Original Talabahan

Longing for bits of heaven from the ocean but do not have the budget to go to a fancy seafood restaurant? Well, there is one place that will solve your tummy problem but will not add more damage to your wallet issues. Get in an Oton jeepney for only Php 12.00 and head to Allan’s […]

Villa Rica Palamunitan

Tired of the typical weekend getaway at the beach or in a night club? Try something out of the routine and visit Villa Rica Palamunitan. Palamunitan is an Ilonggo term for fishing place. This 2 year-old laid back area with cottages elevated from a big pond filled with fresh water fishes is open from 9 […]

Visit San Joaquin

To the south of the province of Iloilo, the last town is that of San Joaquin, the gateway to the province of Antique. This province, although far from the city, has a lot to offer. From the city, you can take a San Joaquin bound jeepney in Iloilo “Super” Terminal, It will take you to […]

Tigbauan Church: A Churrigueresque Church

Having been colonized by Spain for more than three centuries, the presence of undoubtedly beautiful churches is not new in Iloilo. Aside from the world-renowned Miag-ao Church, there are other churches that you should not miss in the province. One of which is the San Juan Sahagun Parish Church in the town of Tigbauan, Iloilo. […]

Anhawan Beach Resort and Spa

Because of its location, Anhawan Beach Resort and Spa is one of the most visited resorts in the province of Iloilo. It is just a 30- minute drive or even less from the city – making it the top choice of families and group of friends or even by people who wants to have some […]

Garin Farm: A Perfect Escape to Nature

Tired of looking at tall buildings and starless skies? Need a place to revisit and fully embrace Mother Nature? Then I just know the place for you. One warm Sunday, I took a two-hour ride from the city of Iloilo to San Joaquin, which is the last town in the south of the province. For […]

Miag-ao Church: The Grandeur of Iloilo

For more than 200 years, Miag-ao Church have defied all the earthquakes and typhoons. Miag-ao Chruch, how most people commonly call the Church of Saint Thomas of Villanova in the town of Miag-ao in Iloilo Province is another pride of Iloilo. Finished in 1797 after 10 years of hard labour, this grandeur of Iloilo has […]

Deocampo: The Original Barquillos

Deocampo: The Original Barquillos I do not know if other Filipinos in other regions are also fond of pasalubongs, but Iloilo certainly has A LOT to offer, when it comes to take home delicacies. Each pasalubong centre has a specialty. Iloilo is not only the home of the best biscocho and butterscotch, but it is […]

The La Paz Batchoy Showdown

When one decides to visit Iloilo for the first time and he asks for tips from Ilonggo friends and from those who have already visited the province, B.A.T.C.H.O.Y, is always on the list. Iloilo is the home of the original batchoy – this noodle soup with a salty and yet very tasty broth, best served […]

Biscocho Haus: Home of Ilonggo Delicacies

Location: (Main Brach) Lopez Jaena St. Jaro, Iloilo City Contact Number: (033) 329 08 62 All set to go home but with only one thing left to do? Thinking of what to bring for your friends and family back home?  Hurry to the nearest Biscocho Haus and bring Iloilo in a box to your loved […]


A belfry or more commonly known as a bell tower or a campanario in the Philippines usually comes along as a package with the church. It houses the church bells used to call the people for mass or to signal important events and during the Spanish colonization, it served as a perfect watch tower against […]

Iloilo’s Thirdworld Skatepark

Looking for a venue to release the daredevil in you? – a place where you can perform your kick flips in the air or execute your turndowns in your bicycle? Check out the Thirdworld Skatepark in Baluarte, Molo, Iloilo City. Just take a Molo Baluarte jeepney in front of Molo Church and ask the driver […]

Camiña: Balay Nga Bato (Stone House)

Sitting like Maria Clara in a polished wooden chair, with eyes not wanting to blink and with mouth slightly open – being amazed on how a century old house still stands magnificently and how it has preserved most of its interior, then thinking curiously what the walls of this stone house could possibly have witnessed […]

Old Provincial Capitol Restoration

Sitting across the street opposite to one of Iloilo City’s oldest hotels, Casa Plaza, is The Old Provincial Capitol of Iloilo known during the Spanish colonial period as Casa Real. Built in 1840, it was originally made of wood and stones. It officially became the capitol when the civil government of the province of Iloilo […]

Museo de Iloilo: Home of Panay’s Cultural Heritage

Built in 1971 to pay tribute to Ilonggo heroes and ancestors, Museo de Iloilo is the home of not only Iloilo’s but Panay’s cultural and historical artifacts. It was designed by Sergio Penasales, an Ilonggo architect. The area may be small but as you look closer, you will understand better the stories from the past […]

Madge Café: Not Your Ordinary Coffee Shop

Madge Café: Not Your Ordinary Coffee Shop Coffee is like booze to all coffee lovers, and if you are in Iloilo City, you must not miss the best freshly brewed coffee of Madge Café. Madge Café is one of the most jam-packed coffee place in Iloilo City. If you claim that you are an Ilonggo […]

Villa’s Seafood Strip

Are you craving for juicy and tasty seafood but worried about the amount of money you will be spending? Worry no more and get ready to satisfy your cravings. Along the stretch of Villa Beach in Villa, Arevalo, Iloilo City Philippines, you can find an entire lane full of seafood restaurants offering luscious and fresh […]

Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafood at Villa Arevalo

If you are into seafood and native Filipino cuisine, you should indulge yourself in one of Iloilo’s finest restaurants located along Villa Beach in Arevalo, Iloilo City. It is just a fifteen minute ride from the centre of the city. You can take a Villa jeepney or a cab. All the drivers know where Tatoy’s […]

ILOILO PARAW REGATTA : 42 Years of Sailing Fun in the Philippines

Iloilo Paraw Regatta is yet another exemplar of Ilonggos’ brilliance and undying love for their culture and heritage. This event is annually celebrated every February in Villa, Arevalo, Iloilo City. The Iloilo Paraw Regatta Festival is “The Oldest Traditional Craft Event in Asia”, and “The Largest Sailing Event in the Philippines”. This 42 year old […]

Iloilo Paraw Regatta 2014 Sidelights

The Iloilo Paraw Regatta Festival is yet another materialization of how proud Ilonggos are and how much they value their roots and their traditions. This half-a-day sailboat race has evolved into a week-long celebration of the Ilonggos’ vibrant sailing heritage. Celebrated every February, the festival has become one of the most popular not only in […]

Muelle Loney: The Birthplace of the Queen City South

Muelle Loney is the popular name of Iloilo River’s Wharf. Muelle is a Spanish term for wharf and Loney was the British Vice-consul, Nicholas Loney, who was the man behind the used to be flourishing sugar industry in Iloilo City. The Province of Iloilo was one of the most progressive provinces in the 1700s. Iloilo […]

Miss Iloilo Paraw Regatta 2014

Filipino women are known around the globe for their exotic beauty, and strong but charming personality. It is really debatable if their names are at the bottom list in any international beauty pageant as they always carry themselves with sophistication and charisma. In the Philippines, the Ilonggas (Filipino women residing in the province of Iloilo) […]

Molo Church: “The Feminist Church”

Molo Church: “The Feminist Church” St. Anne Parish Church, generally known as Molo Church is probably the second most popular and visually artistic church in the Province of Iloilo after Miag-ao Church, which is listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The Gothic designed church is located in the District of Molo, Iloilo City, […]