Iloilo is a province of rich culture and expressive festivals enjoyed and celebrated with a great zeal. One of this is the annual Tubong-Tubong Festival of Tubungan.

Tubong-Tubong was established with its mission of promoting and preserving the cultural and artistic heritage of the people of this town. While dedicated to maintain the traditional aspects of their past, the celebration also presents to the public, a variety of cultural programs. The municipal government is also active in encouraging and promoting the development of youth who will carry their heritage with them into the next century.

The municipality is known for its rolling hills, mountains and a number of waterfalls will play host to the 11th annual celebration, a week-long festival featuring live music, dance, agricultural fair, food, sports and community outreach and much more. With the theme, “Tubong-Tubong: Pundasyon Kang Banwang Mainuswagon,” the highlight will certainly be street dancing competition with eight (8) districts represented by tribes at the municipal open field on Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

Derived from the Hiligaynon word “tubong” or “to contribution or chip-in,” the festival is based on the local tradition of Filipinos called “Bayanihan.”The Spanish Law of the Indies required that an area, to be recognized as a town, must comply with population needs. Tubungan was then part of Guimbal. Its early settlers were the people of barrio Nahapay in Guimbal. Tubungan formally became an independent town in May 1, 1938 via Executive Order No. 143 under President Manuel L. Quezon. People from neighboring Guimbal, Leon, Igbaras and Tigbauan settled peacefully in Tin-an, the present town site, thus, the local word “tubong,” was in reference to these communities that settled permanently in the area.

A common theme for the annual tribal presentations depicts the spirit of cooperative effort involving a community of members and features a small fiesta to express gratitude. Other tribes focus on indigenous beliefs such as folk rituals established among the people in the community and the non-human beings, such as spirits and divinities. Cultural practices as expressed in a collection of stories are also presented where it shaped the history of this town and what the future lies for Tubungan.

What makes this festival of much importance is that the individual presentation is a special moment of socialization especially for the young generations of Tubunganons. It is through their participation in the collective chants and dances that they have the opportunity of learning and grasping the wealth of their culture.

All efforts are initiated by the municipal government headed by their municipal mayor, Hon. Vicente T. Gargaritano to keep the festival concept intact with minimal modifications. Due credit also goes to the conscious Tubunganons who take all the efforts to uphold the traditional values of the age-old traditions.

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