ILOILO CITY, Apr. 05 (PNA)-A fire of still undetermined origin rendered big portion of Mt. Upaw in San Dionisio, Iloilo into a virtual inferno Friday afternoon.

It was reported that the fire which started 2:00 p.m. on Friday destroyed almost 50 hectares of forest land wherein residents living in barangays near the foot of Mt. Upaw have seen flares until wee hours Friday evening in the area.

The town’s fire and police authorities remained clueless as to the cause of the fire that destroyed vast acres of forest land.

Residents said that Mt. Upaw often has been the sight of several fire incidents in the past particularly during the dry season although there were unconfirmed information they received that the fire has been intentionally set in.

It was learned that Mt. Upaw has been the source of potable drinking water of seven barangays located at the foot of the mountain and residents, who heavily relied from the spring water coming from Mt. Upaw, expressed concern that their water needs will be affected at his time of the summer season as an aftermath of the fire incident. (PNA)