ILOILO CITY, Mar 28 (PNA)–Celebratory cheers emanating from various Muslim groups around the country were met with the same enthusiasm by jubilant members of the 3,000-strong Muslim community here with the historic signing of the Philippines-Bangsamoro Peace Deal on Thursday.

Sammy Haji Manan, spokesman for the Iloilo Muslim Community echoed the sentiments of his Muslim broters who have made Iloilo their home, explaining their strong belief in a future which holds so much promise for all humanity, hopeful that the breakthrough signing may resound around the world and hold sway among warring factions and convince them to have their own peace deals.

Haji Manan said the peace pact between the Philippine government and the MILF has the unqualified support of all who love peace, and urged both Christians and Muslims to see beyond religious and cultural barriers to help usher the dawn of a new and better world. (PNA)